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Monday, January 7, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Korean sea, on 2012-07-07 03:15:00 - Huge stationary disc just below an airplane at 32,000 ft cruising altitude. nothing can be seen except sky, but with the periphery lights, object can be seen by naked eye.

on july 07, 2012, at dawn, i was travelling from the philippines to incheon, south korea, on kal flight # 624. i rarely sleep when i travel, and the travel time is less than 4 hrs. i had the window seat, on the left side of the plane, in the middle section ( right after the wings ). weather was good, with very few thin clouds. it was around 3:15-4:00 am. i opened my window, to see the sky, etc. below the plane was very dark, no land in sight. nothing, except for very few thin passing clouds. then something caught my eyes. i saw a huge disc, the size of a football field ( i know how to compare it since i lived next to a high school football field ), stationary, bright white in color, with brighter white lights along its periphery, just a little bit to the left of the plane, but approximately less than a mile below us. i thought it was a building or any large farm structure. i kept looking at it. few thin clouds passed by it, but the object was very visible. then suddenly, the periphery lights dimmed. there was nothing to be seen, at all. i kept looking at the same area, then after few seconds, the periphery lights turn on alternately, until all surrounding lights were as bright as before. i was so mesmerized by what i saw. i scanned below me, but there were no other visible structures aside from this object ( no buildings, no lights, etc ). then it dawned on me that we were on cruising altitude, 32,000 ft. above sea level, as indicated on the flight path tv monitor in front of me. i thought again, maybe there was a mistake, maybe we're landing or something. but if we were landing, then how come, the airplane is not descending, or if we're crashing, how come the plane was so calm and quiet? at this moment, it was clear to me that this was a ufo. it was stationary, suspended on air. and because we were moving to our destination ahead, the object was getting bit farther behind us. i looked at my passenger neighbors but they're all asleep. i grabbed my purse under my seat, and frantically get my camera so i could take a picture. but the disc was farther now, almost behind us. so i hastily excused myself and ran to the back of the plane where there was a hatch window. i tried to look for it, but now it was gone. that object was huge and very bright even against the dark sky, no one can miss it, if someone was looking out of the window. i don't know if the kal's pilot, co pilot, attendants or any other passenger saw it too. what was strange was that as soon as i landed in korea, and even when i reached my destination usa, i never had any recollection about what i saw. until two weeks later, while i was watching tv, i suddenly remembered it. i told my husband. he said, " well why not google it." so, i did. i typed in " ufo sightings in asia, july 2012". behold, there were reports of ufo sightings in parts of korea, the night before my sightings ( midnight of july 6th ). so, maybe they saw ufo's from the ground, while i saw from above, i don't really know. i am just curious to know, if there were other passengers or crews on that plane that saw it. i told my story to another alien ufo website a couple of years ago.My article was there until last year. i think it got removed because i don't have a photo or video. i also wrote a comment once to ancient aliens. thank you very much.

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Credit: MUFON

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