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Monday, January 7, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Vinton, Louisiana on 1976-11-17 03:30:00 - Engin stoped, light came on, light went out, compass failed to work properly

In november 1976 my 10 year old son and i were going deer hunting at sabine island (a small island in the sabine river between louisiana and texas) at about 3:30am we put our canoe in the water with a small 1.5hp engine on it. i started the motor and we started out across the water. the motor stopped, that had never happened before. i turned to restart it and a very bright light came on that lit up the entire area and everything was dead still, no sound just the light from one spot in the clear sky. we watched for a while (i don't know how long, it could have been seconds or minutes, i just don't know. when the light went out i kept looking up to see what it was but there was nothing there. i restarted the motor and we went on to where we were to hunt. my son's deer stand was only 100yds due north from where we landed the canoe. we got our gear together,i got out my compass and we started out due north. we walked for a long time and i thought i must have missed his stand. after a while my son said "dad there's a canoe up there". i told him it couldn't be because we had come in as far you can. but he shined his light on it and there it was. we walked over to check it out and it was our canoe. we had walked a complete circle going due north by the compass. it was the only time a compass has ever lied to me. i told him we were going to sit right there until i could see where we were going. when it became light enough to se, we went on to his stand and then on to mine about 400yds farther west of his. i stayed on my stand until about 9:30am until i couldn't take it longer. i walked toward his stand and i could see him looking around rapidly. so i let him know i was coming. when i got to him, he said "dad lets go i'm scared". we went back to the canoe and went home. neither of us could talk about it for along time. it still haunts me.

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Credit: MUFON

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