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Thursday, January 10, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Nottingham, Maryland on 2019-01-10 18:20:00 - Sitting in traffic on putty hill ave. looked near apt saw dark object hovering

Had picked up my son. he, my husband and i were returning home. we were on putty hill ave. we had stopped in traffic to due a red light. there were cars ahead and behind us. we noticed the lights, that is what initially caught our attention. a dark shadow was noted to be in the sky and abnormally low than any flying objects we have seen. what also stood out was that it appear to hover. my 13 year old said it moved really slow. it was night in my area., the sky was dark but the shape was that of a sort triangular. the only lights i saw was one on each side of the object. they looked to be below the object. as traffic continued the object was still there. at the sight of it we were astounded. straining our eyes in the dark sky to try and make sense of what we witnessed. we live very close near the sighting. after my son and i told my 10 year old. we left to see if the object was still there and to get video. leaving my house i noticed in the distant sky helicopters subtlely flying. i can distinguish helicoptors by there flashing red or white light. it took us less than 5 minutes to drive to the apartment. we saw nothing unusual in the area or in the sky.

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Credit: MUFON

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