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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Morristown, Tennessee on 2015-11-06 00:00:00 - Giant rectangle, hovering above house, 2 bright lights, disappeared

I was leaving my sister’s house around midnight after watching my nephews football game on a local tv station. as i was sitting at a stop sign, i looked to my left in the direction i’m wanting to go in order to get to my house, i noticed extremely bright lights above the tree line. at first, i thought “hmm, maybe it’s a football field lit up”. i then realized, there’s no football field within that location. this is a road that i took frequently and was very familiar with. i became curious as to what those lights could be, especially since the brightness of those lights were incredibly overwhelming. i turn left to head in that direction and as i get to the tree line, the view is blocked of course. i get past the trees, and sure enough, there’s a huge object with 2 bright lights just hovering. all i could see beyond the lights was that this thing was of some sort of copper/lead colored metal and a perfect rectangle with the 2 lights placed in the center. no noise nor any movement or anything at all coming from whatever this was. i immediately called my then husband to step outside on our front porch, which was the next county over, to try to see if it was possible to view what i’m seeing from there. it was so large, i assumed he could, but he wasn’t able to do so. as i get closer to the end of the road, at the stop sign, the object was no longer visible due to being up higher than the visibility of my small car. i’m freaking out wondering if it’s something/someone who now knows i’m aware of its presence, and now i’m discussing this with someone else. i get to the stop sign, try my best to see the object, but there’s no longer anything there. i turn right at the stop sign, and can clearly once again see where the object was hovering, but absolutely nothing is there any longer. as i get to the next left to turn, i noticed a city police officer sitting in his car, backed up in an empty parking lot. i have no idea if he had just observed what i did or not, but i was not about to stop and ask for fear of appearing crazy. once i mad it home with my mind racing, i installed a police scanner app on my phone to listen for anything that could be associated with what i saw, but no such thing occurred. i watched and listened to the local news for approximately 2 weeks afterwards, but nothing was ever mentioned. i have no clue what i saw, but something was definitely there, and i have no explanation as to how something that large can leave without me knowing it considering i was right next to it! any input would be greatly appreciated. i was so disturbed from this occurrence that it was a week later before i realized that i had a sunroof in my car and it never occurred to me to open it up to get a better peek.

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Credit: MUFON

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