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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Jackson Springs, North Carolina on 2018-12-27 00:00:00 - Object was small and looked like a spinning leaf

I was deer hunting on december 27, 2018 in montgomery county, nc near jackson springs. i was in the woods near a overgrown clear cut. i was up in a deer stand about 18 feet high standing up facing a pine tree where my stand was attached. around 10:00 am, i noticed what i thought was a leaf. it was gold, yellow in color and was spinning. after observing, i think the object was flat spinning. it came by my left shoulder about 3-4 feet from me. i looked down on it and it was about 1.2 inches long and about .3 inches wide. i decided to watch it as it was going down in a gliding pattern. about 10 feet from me it started to rise instead of going down. then it started to hover. it did not move in any direction. after about 20 seconds it started coming backward toward me rising. it went behind me. i did not watch it because at this time i still thought it was a leaf. about 10 seconds later it then came back across in front of me and curled around and down behind the tree i had my tree stand attached to. it came around the tree to my right side where i could see it and it went down and disappeared into a small shrub from which the leaves had fallen. i could not see it. i got curious at this time since it was doing some strange things. i started watching the bush looking for it. i did not see it. about a couple of minutes later i again looked for it. finally i spoted what i thought was it in the top of the bush, it looked like it was fluttering. i watched it for about 10 seconds and then it came up, rising from the small bush coming up to about 14 feet and went over a pine tree limb and then started down again. i observed it as it went down, going around a small limb and then a small nody of a standing bush body. then i lost it. about 5 minutes later i saw what i thought was the same object rising and came by me again. it curled around a pine tree in front of me about 40 feet high still going up. about 10 minutes later an object came back down from where the object had gone up and went behind me and disappeared again into the trees behind me. i got to thinking about the events and trying to imagine what type of leaf it could had been and decided that there were no leaves around there that would fit the leaf observed unless it could had been a carolina jasmine and that is a vine and i could not see any vines in the neighborhood., i still thought about the strangeness of the object and came to the conclusion it was not a leaf, but either an insect or a small flying drone. it could not be a drone unless it came from an ufo because i was in the deep woods and it was too small for man made i think. it seem to go past me, and recognizing i was there and rose, stopped and backed up to look at me. after looking at me it seem to try to hide by curling around the tree i was in . i could not detect any strong wind drafts or currents. it did not act like an insect. the only thing it seemed to do was to act like an object exploring the surroundings. when the object went around the limb and the small bole of the tree, it flew in a manner like it was a controlled flying object. it was a smooth curve. i got to thinking aabout later and when spinning, i am sure that the object was fairly flat. as it was spinning. i was standing up watching for deer. i am a a pretty good observer of things. i guess that inssstead of a drone, it could have been a ssmall ufo, we don't know what size intelligent bings are from far distant places.

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Credit: MUFON

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