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Sunday, January 6, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Crown Point, Indiana on 2017-09-26 00:00:00 - Woke up 3am wide awake got dressed went outside to smoke and saw a large red line in the sky south west of me looked around saw nothing else so i sat in my chair and watched the red line with no sound after about 2min the red line started to get smaller

For some reason i woke up at 3am and got dressed to go outside my apt to have a cig.My outside light was on just like every other night.When i walked out the door i was facing sw and saw a red line in the sky not moving and no other lights around it. this was above our tree line , i looked left to the south saw nothing then to the right north and saw nothing but the bright light from the town about 30 miles away. i kept the red light in my sight all the time and it did not move. is at down in my chair right next to me and said to myself what the h l is this after about 45sec the red line was getting smaller moving right to left. within 10 sec i started seeing a white line appear from the right side which i new the thing was round. within 5 sec i saw a being in the light looking at me i noticed a large head small top part of body then a second being was in sight right next to th other and its head turned and looked at me. right then i saw a arm behind them reach forward for something and just that fast the white light started to fade away as it moved south and was gone. the next 30 sec or so i kept blinking my eyes to see how fast it could of moved from standing still point a to point b when i lost it. i know of nothing on earth that could move that fast. i sat for the next 2min watching the sky north west and south looking for something when i said to my self hey i just come outside to smoke a cig and finally light up and kept my eye to the night sky and thought to my self who was going to believe me.The funny thing was when i saw them i felt as they said we see you.

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Credit: MUFON

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