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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Cedar Hills, Utah on 2018-12-28 05:00:00 - Driving back from ca late back to cedar hills- first saw hovering over toole near i 80. seemed to follow me south and stopped when i stopped.

Driving back to cedar hills area utah from christmas with family in northern california. i was on i 80 traveling east towards salt lake city. when i entered the valley before salt lake where the city of toole is located i observed while driving a particularly bright white/blue light hovering and stationary just above the mountains east right between the freeway and toole. at first i thought it was just a helicopter or something but it seemed to not move for about 30 min. i thought it peculiar, and it seemed noticeable brighter than any normal aircraft lights even when seeing one head on whith landing lights. i lost sight of it temporarily as i went around the mountains and into the salt lake valley. i passed the airport and observed several commercial jets coming in head on and their brightness wouldn’t compete with the hovering orb that i had just seen. as i get closer to the i 80/i 15 interchange the same peculiar light pops up out of nowhere above the wasatch mountains east/southeast of me. seemed maybe 500-1,000 ft above the mountain peaks and hovering stationary again. as i began traveling south the light seemed to mirror my speed and traveled parallel with me out my left window maintaining its same elevation and slightly south and ahead of me. i felt very strange mentally, almost spaced out in a peculiar way where it seemed that i knew that it knew i could see it and took interest in me. i never felt alarmed but i was very curious and it felt like it was curious of me. made it back to the alpine/cedar hills area, when i stopped and parked the light stopped it’s course as well and hovered just south/southeast below the clouds and below and right next to mt. timponogos. i sat it my car and watched it for 30 min or so, it never moved from its position as i watched. i took a few photos and video with my phone. at one point it brightened even more and then dimmed to a degree where it look similar in brightness to the stars of orion, but after a few seconds in brightened back to what it was before. the white/blue light seemed to subtly and gently pulse while maintaining an eerily still and fixed position maybe about 3-4,000 ft. above the valley floor. i felt that same heady, hazy, and spaced out feeling and felt that same energy one feels when you know you are being watched and observed. i also felt a portentousness that something was happening of importance to my life and everyone in the area. i went inside to sleep after about 45 min of watching it, it was still in its same stationary position as i went inside around 6:00 am on the 28th of december 2018.

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Credit: MUFON

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