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Thursday, January 3, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Colorado Springs, Colorado on 2014-07-07 10:00:00 - Following an airplane, stopped,flashed 3 times, shot north at light speed.

on july 7th at 10pm, i observed an aircraft flying low to the north of my back yard, i looked up at it and saw a bright glowing light following the aircraft. as i watched over 60 seconds or so they both went behind a cloud. the airplane came out from behind the cloud but the glowing ball did not. i watched as the cloud slowly moved away and the light was still there sitting still. i watched it for about 60 more seconds and it flashed 3 times very bright before shooting off to the north at light speed. i heard no sound from it, just the faint sound of the airplane in the distance. i felt shocked and confused to the point that i called a friend to tell him what i saw. i noticed my neighbor out front and asked him and his friend if they saw and both said no. about a month after, i saw a mufon video on youtube and decided to report it to u. i got a very minimal response say thank u... 2weeis later, i get a visit from 2 mib. the encounter was terrifying and left me paranoid and angry. the story still scares the crap out of me but i'll tell it in hopes of it getting out to the public. i woke up one night as i laid down to go to sleep ( strange) as i awoke i head a faint knock at the front door. i opened the door to find 2 creepy mib guys that already had the screen door open, so i was face to face with them. 1 shorter than me and 1 taller ( i'm 5'8 but both with pail white skin,no eye brows,bald heads and classic mib uniforms. black suits,black brim hats,skinny black ties.They told me to not contact u again and to ship up about what i saw in a very threatening way. i got very mad and started chewing them out. i'm a very hostile kind of metal head that u don't want to mess with and they backed up just a half step when i got angry. then they both at the same time smiled at me. the short one said, ( what about your daughter? is she safe? then gave a short nod up the stairs. i ran to her room to find her in her sleeping bag on the bed. she liked to sleep in it and i never zipped it up all the way so she could breath. she was standing straight up in the middle of the bed with the sleeping bag twisted around the top of her head like someone had carried her over there shoulder. there is no way possible that she did this to herself. when i got her out i asked her what happened. she told me she was talking to the guys. i asked what they looked like and she replied. they had black k hats and black suits. i asked if they hurt her. she said no,we just talked. i stopped dead in my tracks and hugged her. she thinks we had the same dream. this is not the first time i have seen a ufo. i have seen strange things in the sky all my life. once may have been abducted because i can't explain what happened. this is very creepy to me and i'm having trouble coping with it. could u please reach out to me so i can tell my stories to live people b4 something bad happens to me? thanks for your time..

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Credit: MUFON

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