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Monday, January 21, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Red Bud, Illinois on 2007-12-15 00:00:00 - Large ufo seen simultaneously by my brother and i in illinois rt 3 heading north

My brother and i were driving home to mom's from aunt's in red bud, il going north on rt 3. at the time, we were not drinkers so we were both sober and happened to be talking about religion. i was leaning toward calling myself an atheist at that point in time. my brother was still questioning- agnostic. at one point during our drive (i was driving) i ask him, "well, if you really want to know one way or the other if a "god" exists, why don't you ask "him" for a sign?" at that moment, for some reason, we both turned our heads left, and directed our vision out through my side window. the ufo in my opinion was green very bright and in the shape of a donut sitting on a table. it was in the air pretty far out but not across the mississippi. within seconds the object moved down, and i was unsure if it was moving east, into the horizon so we just couldn't see it, but it appeared to go straight into the ground as if it were landing on the river. you could actually see the shape moving, not so fast that i was questioning if it were some kind of reflection, but it moved slow enough through the air that it was just odd, not human-made. after it went out of sight, 5-10 seconds later, i turned my head to look at my brother sitting next to me in the passengers seat of my oldsmobile. "did you see that?" one of us said to the other. and we both were incredulous. my brother started to cry. i was just blown away for the rest of my life about it. we told my mom when we got home. i wrote about it in a journal. i've told a bunch of people about it when ufos come up in conversation. but we never thought to file a report.

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Credit: MUFON

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