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Monday, January 21, 2019

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Riverview, Florida on 2019-01-20 23:47:00 - Disk shaped with ring of light. moving zigzag, stopped, speeds over 1000mph. then a jet chased it.

1st person sitting out with neighbors, (4 adults total) looking at the lunar eclipse at 11:47 pm, the t (female) sitting to my left screamed...Look look look. there was a disk with lights in a ring around it. it was hoovering to our left. it then started moving slowly (ascending). it did a quick 90 degree turn south and zigzagged super fast three times then continued south extremely fast. it stopped... then seemed to be coming back north towards our direction for over 15 seconds then made several quick turns and shot off fast due east and was out of sight. a jet came from the north west and went directly in the direction of the disk. possible from mcdill afb. we did not get video until it was far south due to the surprise of it just appearing. as we were sitting talking about it and looking at the moon the jet came back passing us north west approx. 20 minutes later. . not long after the jet passed another orb shaped object was on the right of the cell tower and did not move for over 13 minutes. it was just gone then reappeared on the top. we have pictures. the orb was a white light. (the couple that was there texted the orb was again at the cell tower) we all seemed mentally drained. went to bed immediately. when we all looked at the videos and pictures and our ring video it was apparent it was a true ufo(s). three of the four of us have seen ufo's before as kids and two as adults. i took a still of one of the videos of the first disk and blew it up. you can see perfectly it is a saucer with a ring of windows completely around the disk in the center with a little dome on top. this looked the same as the two adults saw as kids on separate times and states in 1969 tampa and akron. we included a drawn picture of the one seen in 1969. s ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2nd person what i saw i was talking to the s (female), felt a heavy presence and had to look to my left. so i slowly did that and all of a sudden i saw an orb craft with flashing lights move slowly then stopped. it paused then took off like a jet and started booking. it did a loop before passing under the moon and then went so fast within 16 seconds of recording. it was booking because an aircraft looked like it was chasing it. at one point past the lake it kept zigzagging going back and forth about two times then took an abrupt left and disappeared in the clouds. 30 minutes later the craft that was chasing it headed back and about an half hour later this same craft with flashing light reappeared near our cell tower, 20 minutes later it moved upward to the left above the tower and stood there for a while. at this point i was nervous and went inside and the whole time the lights kept flashing kind of like when someone has their blink lights on but they were white lights. t ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 rd person the woman sitting far left of me screamed, look at that thing (pointing) it dropped from the sky. it started moving then it went 90 degrees to the right approx twice and jolted. it was as fast as an airliner and i just sat down in my chair. 30-40 minutes later i see lights near the cell tower and i told everyone to look, that light wasn't there before. it stayed there so i went inside. r ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the first one was approx 3 min the second one was over 15 minutes for two of the people. the other couple watched it for a long time.

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Credit: MUFON

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