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Thursday, January 24, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Friendswood, Texas on 2019-01-24 01:34:00 - “w” shaped ufo with pulsating lights and random white/blue very bright flashes

This is the second time i’ve seen this craft and it only verified how real and terrifying it was the first time. the first time was probably 4-5 months ago and it was only about 50 feet away from me. it was shaped like a butterfly/“w”. and it hovered vertically, as the letter would be written. tonight i saw it again, this time about 500 feet away, maybe a little more. the lights on the body didn’t really pulsate, it was more like when one light would dim out, the one next to it would fade in and the cycle would repeat and the lights traced the body of the craft. bright blueish-white flashes would happen very randomly. a must/steam/cloud seemed to be coming from the opposite side of the craft, giving away that there were lights on that side as well that were causing the most to light up. i had view for about 50 seconds, and then it was out of sight. i’ve seen other ufo’s, always in the form of about 5 lights, but this one has a very solid shape, and has a very scary presence for some reason. i felt incredibly scared both times i’ve seen it, not just the usual excitement that comes with seeing a ufo. i haven’t seen any reports of a craft like this and i need to share it. i have footage of it, but at a little worried to share it as it only gives away the lights and not the craft itself. it was much like seeing a bright moon, taking a picture with your phone, only to look and be very disappointed.

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Credit: MUFON

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