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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Huntington, Indiana on 2004-07-22 23:00:00 - Told me they are not a threat or here to harm.

I woke up to an intense light out my window. i remember being paralyzed with fear. that weird feeling you are being watched. next thing i knew two humanoid beings walked right through my wall. i woke up and i was laying on a metallic what i can only describe as a table. it was dull in appearance. i remember looking around and making eye contact with one of them. they told me i was safe, and not to worry. (they did not use his mouth.) (i felt reassurred.) pretty soon a man walked in and told me they wanted to do some tests and then they would take me home. pretty soon i blacked out, next thing i knew i was back at home. the clock itself said 3am. since then i have experienced weird visions and have seen weird objects. one strong vision is of the base under write-patterson airforce base. there is an elevator that opens to a hallway looks sterile and the lighting is very bright. the number on the one of the 3 doors reads c-4. inside it looks like a really dark conference room. the being often feels scared and frustrated. a man in plain clothes sits down and always taps one of exactly 4 pencils/pens on the table. the being is scared because they can’t answer questions the person wants to know, and frustrated we as a society haven’t made peace with each other. he always is lead down to this room via an elevator. one person next to him has a name tag that reads mytle. “e” is the only vowel as it is to throw people off. looking at the person beside is different every once in awhile. i wish i could give you more... but this is all the details i have noticed.

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Credit: MUFON

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