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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Charlotte, North Carolina on 1984-05-12 00:00:00 - It was back in my navy days. saw a bright glowing light under the sonar dome then it descended as it veered off of the port side and then out of site.

I had just gotten off of forward watch on the port side over the bridge. i didnt see anything from up there but it was a calm beautiful night at sea and sometimes when it's calm i liked to walk to the front of the ship (uss talbot ffg-4) and just look at the side and the water at night. sometimes you can lean slightly over and see the glow of the phosfourus (spelling sucks!) as the bow cuts through the water.However this time the light was immediatly different, it was a bright greenish/blueish and it seemed as though it was directly beneath the sonar dome and aimed upwards. i was so intrigued by this new light that i never really thought about it being anything like a ufo or a uso. it stayed steady for about maybe 10 minutes then all of a sudden, it started to drift to the port side (left) and get dimmer and dimmer until it was gone. it probably was about 500-600 feet away when it finally went so far down that it was out of site. i didnt know what it was so i walked back up to the bridge and told the con officer about it and he looked at me and then said," moore, didnt you just get off watch?" yes sir i said. he said," get off the bridge and quit screwing around!" i went back up there after that and ever night after that for many days but never saw anything like it again. i was kinda green back then so just kept it to myself but i occasionally think about it and as i look back now, it had to be some kind of uso because we were probably doing around 12-15 knots and there is no way a sub could or even would get that close to a moving ship and then spotlight from beneath. the risk would have been tremendous. i am 55 now so that was another lifetime ago but it is still clear in my mind....That light!

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Credit: MUFON

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