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Saturday, January 26, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Pescara, Abruzzo on 1961-04-27 00:00:00 - Case 98075 resembles the strange monster in pescara

I have been working on a 3d model of the pescara ship for more than 6 years now, and while orbiting the 3d model, viewing it from the back, it resembles the witness sketch of case 98075. the only diference are the 4 wings, which could be hard to see in the dark night due to a fhenomenom described in the following article as spherical condensation. these were the precise words used in the heading of the published image in the original article: “il bizzarrissimo mostro volante apparaso il 27 aprile 1961 sulla riviera di pescara a bruno ghibaud” the strangest flying monster appeared on april the 27th, 1961 off the shores of the small town of pescara, itlay. an italian writer happened to be there, took several photographs, and the rest is history. this famous and stunning photograph published in the domenica del corriere in 1962, was part of an article written and compiled by the well-known journalist, aeronautical expert, and science writer, bruno ghibaudi, who, also witnessed and photographed the event. since 1954, ghibaudi collaborated with italian television networks, taking responsibility for the transmission of science and aeronautics programs for the prestigious rai. below you will find an excerpt translated from the original in italian. the first of five, was the strangest: “the facts of what i saw took place on the 27th of april, 1961. i was driving along the adriatic national route, after returning from an inspection for an investigation that was to be part of a television program. early in the afternoon i was heading from ancona to pescara. at about seven kilometers from the town of pescara at montesilvano, the engine of my auto suddenly stopped. it was not the first time, and i got ready to look at the distributor, which on other occasions had given me trouble. it was about 14:00 hours. (2 o’clock in the afternoon). some cars passed by me while i was fumbling around under the hood with the engine, but no one 3 stopped. when the problem seemed to be solved, i stopped to look out at the sea while cleaning my hands with a rag. suddenly my attention was drawn to a distant and obscure point that swayed strangely under the clouds and gradually got bigger. it came from the south-east and headed towards me. when it entered my sight range, and i could focus on it, i was able to make out the unusual form: elliptical in shape, from which protruded two small triangular wings and a vertical rudder of the same shape. the strange craft had a dull gray color which did not send reflections. it was quiet and not very fast. recognizing the delta shape, i thought of a jet embarked on some american aircraft carrier that could be damaged and was probably attempting an emergency landing on the coast. quickly, i opened the door to grab my camera. luckily, it almost always accompanies me. meanwhile, the aircraft was approaching and i could see it very well: it was about eight meters long. without having the time to frame the scene in the viewfinder, i ran across the road and took the first picture. the aircraft was now only a few meters from the water, and as i approached to snap more pictures, this strange aircraft, without touching the ground, sped away very fast in the direction of the coast. i stood there for a moment staring out at the sea, filled with the sensation of my own frustration of having been able to take only one single photograph! suddenly, my attention was drawn to another curious visual display. high in the sky, towards the south-east, there appeared a slight glare that immediately turned into a spherical, blackish condensation. at that moment, i realized that a perfectly circular flying saucer had come from the same direction- and was fast approaching. a few seconds later it was already in my camera's viewfinder. to my amazement, the disc was absolutely silent. it had a lenticular profile, meaning that it was thicker towards the center and thinner towards the edges. the device was silvery gray and reflected very little light with a hemispherical dome mounted on the top. furthermore, i observed that as the craft continued its zig-zig type of swerving, back and forth movement, it would also descend but only to a level that did not exceed fifty meters. as i was taking all of these incredible details in, the disc moved away a few kilometers to the north-east. i scanned the horizon and i noticed two dark spots quickly approaching from the southeast. 4 i could see that these two dark spots were two other discs. when they were close enough, i photographed them and watched them for a while. the size (about ten meters in diameter) seemed to me similar as the previous craft, but the shape was slightly different, as the pictures show. one of the discs in particular, had three clear hemispheres that flowed from the bottom surface and were arranged at a distance of 120 degrees from each other. i lost track of the exact time, however after a matter of minutes, three discs were present: another disk had come from the same direction and had joined the first two. a second surprise all around me the air heated up as if on fire. i seemed to be immersed in an intense electric field and i felt very agitated. i nervously looked around but could not see anybody nearby. however, two hundred meters away, i did see two children running on the sand. the discs were absolutely silent around them but you could see the strange glows that turned into the same blackish spherical condensations observed previously. several times i had the impression that the flashes were directed towards me. it is almost impossible to describe my state of mind. i was tempted several times to escape, but the curiosity and an almost physical inability to move my legs, kept me frozen as if time had stopped altogether. however, at the same moment i realized that i had slipped down on the sand. then, i heard screams. the two children apparently saw what was happening above us, and ran away screaming. after what seemed like a few moments later, the formation broke up and the disks disappeared into the distance. i was sweating and shaking with emotion. i climbed into the car and drove quickly to pescara. i took the film immediately to be developed and after half an hour i had my first surprise. the film was deformed in some places, as if it had been exposed to intense heat. but the disks were left imprinted with their unique shape. a few minutes later i was holding the photographs. the enlargements were revealing many details that i hadn’t noticed in the negatives. it was very impressive. i was stunned and excited. only at that time, a quick succession of images, such as rapid sequences of a film, allowed me to resize in its actual dimension the exceptional events i had witnessed. all of this had lasted no more than two or three minutes, now i was sure.

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Credit: MUFON

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