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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Victoria, British Columbia on 2019-01-10 21:50:00 - Observed 1 craft and suddenly another appeared behind the first following the first crafts course and speed.

914 firehall creek rd. i was at this address (my home). i just happened to look out my from window and saw a yellowy but just slightly more orange object in the sky. looked to be just below the clouds, but i thought perhaps the light was distorted by the clouds, and that maybe it was a plane or helicopter. just then another appeared behind the first and was on the same course and speed. i thought perhaps it was our new chinook helicopter as i have seen these fly over our area. so i immediately went outside because the chinooks are so loud i could put it to rest and have a better view. from my driveway as soon as i looked at them i could hear nothing i believe if it were helicopters i should hear them from that distance. also they appeared to me to be round and on fire much like the sun except not that bright but were a yellow but just slightly into the orange. i was instantly extremely excited and raced into the house to get my wife up from her bed, i was pulling her arm and was telling her come come quick you got to see this and we raced out to the driveway and i pointed to the craft, the first one was gone and by my estimation of the course and speed it should have still been visible. my wife said what is it. i said i don't know. she told me to go get my camera so as i turned and was now racing for my cell phone i was thinking why bother these pictures never look good. but i got it and was getting the camera app open when i returned to my wife's side it was gone and she was staring at where she last saw it. i said what happened and she said it just blinked out and i said what do you mean? she said it was like a light that suddenly ran out of batteries and the light collapsed from the outside to the centre and blinked out. i did not get a picture and was disappointed that i missed the blink out. from where she was looking and pointing to me that looked like about where the position of the first craft should have been when i originally got her to the driveway. i am in the military and have observed many helicopters and fighter jets i can say this was neither but definitely a craft, and of unknown origin. i would say the sighting was probably under 2 minutes. my wife doesn't share my interest of such things but needless to say she was at a loss. i cannot draw but i was reminded of a craft that had been previously reported so i re-watched the allagash abduction story and am certain by the images they supplied it was the same object(s). this is my third sighting of ufo. i did not report the others but have been bothered by this one enough that i wanted to put it out there see if there would be any corroboration. my time of 9:50 is about. when we got back in and were discussing it i immediately noted the time of 9:54. interestingly i observed what i thought to be round but my wife says what she saw was a sphere.

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Credit: MUFON

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