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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Bloomfield, Connecticut on 2019-01-28 18:50:00 - Self luminous silver shuttle like vehicle triangle streaking through the sky

I was driving home from work on a road i have driven for over 22 years. park road connects blue hills 187 with i91. it was dark, almost 7:00 pm on a winter night. this is a windy two lane residential road with houses and trees so i had to keep my eyes on the road while i watched this thing. windows up so i do not know if there was sound. over the treetops, a small, silver object suddenly appeared in my drivers window startling me (i actually jumped) as from the speed i thought something was falling out of the sky. it came from behind my car way above the tree tops streaking west to east. it was then in my windshield view and it was moving.. gone in like 3 seconds as the tree tops blocked the view. my impression was it was a silver shuttle. it did not have blinking lights, it did not have a trail. it glowed bright light silver -no other colors. the nose of the triangular silver craft seemed a bit longer than the wings. it was a little rounder than some of the totally flat triangles we see in pics. it was up about the height of a small plane or helicopter would fly and i would guess it was the size of a small plane or a bit larger. it was in a hurry and it had to have passed over the major i91 highway (which is north/south) as that was not far ahead of where i was going. it was heading east towards south windsor-boston across the highway. the speed was incredible. it was not giving off an aura of silver, it was itself luminous silver/white. never seen anything like it. bradley airport is behind me on this drive but this was no airplane.. like i said, i have driven this road 22 years and i grew up in airplanes as my dad was a pan am pilot and owned his own planes. this was not a normal shape of a plane and was self luminous. and the speed was amazing!

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Credit: MUFON

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