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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Manchester, England on 2018-10-18 22:00:00 - 3 ufo's seemed like they were battling then a triangle portal opened and one dissapeard or exploded

Myself and two freinds were in his back garden on a clear night just gazing at the sky like we normally do as one of my freind always spots things moving in the skie's which arenot planes. we see that most of the moving objects we see look like satelites which are moving in the same direction all the time so we know what we seen was not a satelite, we were just looking up looking to spot something and then around 5 minutes into gazing up we spotted 2 ugo's far in the distant but they were way above our atmosphere so we could see they were not planes, helicopter, satelite or anything else the people try to say it was. as we were watching it honestly loked like they were both chasing each other and firing some sort of beam at one another it was one of the most unexplainable things i have ever seen, as these 2 ufos were 'fighting' another ship popped up from nowhere as if from out of nothing and that also started firing some beam at the ufo which was clearly trying to get away. as we were watching in amazement all stunned by what we were watching a clear bright triangluar shaped portal opened up (well thats what it looked like) and the 3 ships just vanished leaving a massive bright light behind which dissapeared straight away as if they entered some sort of intersteller speed like which you see on movies. i then turned to my freinds and asked them to confirm the things we had seen were not just my imagination and they confirmed they were seeing the same thing i was. now i do believe in ufo's because you must be crazy to not beleieve especially with the evidence we have now and the sharing of information through the internet but this was the 2nd time i have seen a ufo but this was beyond explanantion what we saw. i am a 28 year old man with no reason to think 'it was my imagination' because my 2 mates were also with me and confirmed i wasnt seeing things just proves to me that the ufo phenomenom is real !! i hope that the goverments just finally admit they know about ufo's to stop people being victimisedfor speaking about there experiances, i know what i saw was not from this planet so i am 100% a believer in this, what baffles me the most is people will reject ideas like this most of the time with evidence but will believe in religion with no proof, i think it shows how conditioned the world actually is and before anyone says anything i do follow religion as i am a catholic and do believe also in god, i just hope people see my story and trust me that i am telling the truth as i have no reason to lie, i just wanted to share my experiance and see if anyone has seen anything like we did. take care and thanks for reading this.

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Credit: MUFON

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