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Saturday, February 23, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Okemos, Michigan on 1980-07-30 21:20:00 - Saw a ship of somekind. hovered outside and beamed a light in through the house. landed a couple hundred yards away and did something outside.

In the summer of 1980 at my parents okemos farm i,my friend and my mother saw a ship through our windows in our backyard hovering above two large wild cherry trees. it was triangle shaped, made like a humming noise, was about 25 yards wide and had many different colored lights. suddenly, a bright white beam shot through the windows like it was ex-raying our home to see everything inside of it including us. we promptly hid under the table scared out of our minds. about 2 minutes went by before the beam stopped. we came out from under the table and watched it zip suddenly sideways to the east. it dropped down at the edge of a field deep in our woods near the sloan creek that runs through the center of our land. my mother told us not to go out there but we did anyway. my friend and i went out and hid behind trees and bushes as we crept closer to where it landed. we witnessed two machines come out like construction tanks of some kind. they plowed over trees and extracted something out of the earth. we saw 3 figures outside with the machines moving around. whatever they were doing they needed lights to do it because we could see lights moving around too. after about half an hour they went back into the ship. it slowly arose from the ground, hovered for a few seconds then zipped away up to the northeast and vanished. the next morning we went out to where it landed and saw many trees trampled down all together in our woods. i went back out there at night and noticed several blue dot lights coming from deep into the ground. they remained out there the entire summer. i dug and dug to try and get to them but i could never reach the lights. they just kept shining a blue dot light out from somewhere deep in the earth. it was beyond strange! the lights were gone by winter time and i've never seen them again. my mother has passed away but i am still in contact with my friend who can verify my story. we never reported it but it definitely happened.There may have been about 20 minutes of missing time too that i don't recall what happened. my mother said she came outside and called for us but we had no recollection of hearing her. i was 13 years old and have never been scared like that since.The incident changed my outlook on who we are and where we come from. it did something to me that makes me question everything i've learned.

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Credit: MUFON

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