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Sunday, February 10, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Virginia on 2009-02-07 00:00:00 - Ufo sighting over treetops in hanover county, va in winter 2008

In the late winter of 2009 i was driving to work and saw an object hovering over the treetops in a field that i could not explain. at the time i was a 911 operator at the hanover sheriff’s office and had been called in for a part time shift. i came up peaks rd and about 1/4 mile from the intersection of rt. 301 i noticed something odd off to my left hovering over the treetops at the edge of a large agricultural field. i immediately stopped my car and rolled the driver’s side window down to get a better look. i was absolutely speechless. this craft was huge and probably twice the size of a b52 bomber. i’m prior military and i have never seen an aircraft that looked anything like this. the oddest thing about it was that it emitted no noise at all. the aircraft was a very dark and dense color. it did not reflect light at all and it was a bright and beautiful sunny day outside. i could tell it was circular in shape and it had a very slim lined dome that blended in color with the rest of the craft. there appeared to be lights around the base of it but they were hard to distinguish and were not shining at all. i did not see any evidence that the craft was occupied. it was crazy to see something like this out of nowhere. at first i was incredulous because i couldn’t believe what i was seeing. i sat there stopped dead in the roadway in my car for what seemed like forever watching this thing. the funny part was i was never scared for a moment. i felt interested in what i was seeing but never fear. i had another vehicle come up behind me and they too just sat there looking at this thing. it then occurred to me to scramble for my cell phone so that i could get a photo of this ufo, otherwise no one would ever believe me. i snatched my phone up and as soon as i tried to take a photo the craft just disappeared. but, it didn’t really move or go anywhere. it’s hard to explain but it’s almost like a reflective shield was turned on and the machine looked the same color as the sky. i could see something like electrical waves or heat waves roll over it but you could still tell it was there even though it blended in with the environment around it. finally, i and the car behind me pulled off because i knew i’d be late for shift if i didn’t get going. i never spoke to the driver in the other car behind me because i really think we were both too shocked and amazed to even consider it. i wish i knew who that person was now. when i got to work i told my co-worker, chris, what i had seen and he said there had been multiple 911 calls from other people who had seen the same aircraft. i don’t speak of the event often but my husband is aware and my children. i think i was afraid to keep talking about it because i thought that no one would believe me or they would think i was a nut case. after all this time i wanted to share what happened that day and what i know i saw. i truly believe there is no logical explanation for this aircraft and that it did not belong here in our world and was not of our world. it was amazing and a little scary to think about after the fact. i don’t think we’re alone folks.

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Credit: MUFON

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