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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Dubuque, Iowa on 1985-07-31 21:45:00 - Searching beam silent slow hovering path above valley

I was walking a dog for a neighbor in the future neighborhood of prince phillip dr. in dubuque iowa. there were no finished houses but the road was finished. i saw a very bright light above the valley between my location and kelly lane. there is a single set of train tracks below and a fork of catfish creek. from my vantage i could see this light beam that was most similar to a search light of a helicopter moving and searching the area below. the dog did not react at all. the light movement was smooth as it slowly moved along the valley just below the tree line from where i was standing. i even slapped my face to make sure it was real. the oddest thing was there was no sound at all. there was a gentle breeze blowing my direction from the light and i could still hear all of the crickets and field creatures. no sound at all. as the light continued to move along the valley to the east it became more difficult to see so i ran with the dog to the next street and it was no where to be seen. it was no more than 100 yards from me, made no sound and i definitely saw it. i told only my best friend brian as i didn't know who to tell. there wasn't much to tell and was hoping to share if i heard stories from others in the news but nothing showed up. i just looked at when houses were built on that street. there were some houses that were just studded frames. so i know my date is accurate. i'm reporting this so it can be on record. i could only see a light, no craft, heard no sound, animal was calm (he was kind of a dumb dog anyway) his name was beezer owned by lassie adams. i cared for her horses and dogs and house for a few years. i was very intrigued by this observation and fully conscious and aware and in control of my actions.

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Credit: MUFON

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