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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Chattanooga, Tennessee on 1969-02-08 00:00:00 - Saw craft through trees, left on railroad tracks, car stopped, frozen, craft in front 100ft. in air, changed colors, blue with orangish ring/ oringish with blue ring, 3 hours of missing time, others frozen outside store.

I was an abductee from the time i can remember until i had a hysterectomy and a nasal surgery that did not fix my deviated septum. on this one particular night my mom, myself and two others were traveling to a basketball tournament across town. we left at 7:30pm. the trip should have lasted 15 to 20 minutes tops we arrived at 10:45pm. i first noticed the craft and thought it was a large harvest moon but i noticed it was traveling the same speed and distance we were. i told everyone... several hours later we woke up on railroad tracks with the car dead. i woke up first, shook mom and then the others. all the time the craft was right in front of us. the people at the little mom pop grocery store parking lot were pointing at the craft as frozen statues. i was excited nervous, confused, shaking, and wanted a photo. the two in the back seat were screaming to get the camera. i retrieved the camera from the glove compartment and after a couple of shots realized their was no film. the craft hovering in front of us was glowing and changing from blue with a orangish color around it to a orangish color with a blue ring around it, when it changed colors there would be several large puffs of smoke all at once, the smoke disappeared, then the craft changed colors. the train started blowing its whistle, we started screaming for mom to start the car, thank god it started. mom drove as fast as she could. mom let us out at the tournament at about 10:45. i went in talking about what we saw and was shut up by one of the people who was with us. people wanted to know why we arrived so late and i told them. i was made fun of. it was over and we had to call mom to come right back to pick us up. when mom arrived home she called the airport, air traffic controller and asked if the moon was visible anywhere in our area that night. he said no. she was describing what had happened and the other air traffic controller burst in and wanted to know what the h-- he had just seen, he said he had no idea, but had been receiving call after call about it, he told my mom, still on the phone, lady i have no clue as to what you saw. mom came and picked us up we talked excitedly about it all the way home. the next day a short paragraph in our local news paper stated hundreds of people saw a strange orb in the sky. they stated it was a weather balloon according to the airport and weather service. we all laughed and then got mad that the government would think we are that stupid. my mom is dead and the other two people that was in the car are so afraid of ridicule they deny it ever happened. years later i was watching a program on tv about a person remembering men in white astronaut suits placing them back in a vehicle, they could not move. it was like a flashback to me, the door clicking as they opened it, me being lifted like a feather, the door closing with a muffled sound. mom was being placed the same time as me and then the two in the back seat. i was being told i'm ok close your eyes don't let them see your awake. the one in charge came and asked if any of us woke up, the one placing me said no. i believe now through my tears he saved my life. i waited a long time to make certain they were gone. it was like i woke up before i was suppose too. i question myself about this part of my memory. not about anything else. as a child i remember johnny (a gray, as i came to know them) coming to take me and us flying over the hills where we live. we played with others and had fun and then bad things happened. i have not fully explained to anyone the terror of being restrained, held down, not being in control, how these affect me. i have major panic attacks. in my younger years i was taken advantage of on many occasions by different men, nothing compares to the horror of what i went through as a child. at 60+ years i do not like closets because the closet in my bedroom has the attic access and that is where they took me through. as an adolescent i would just go out my bedroom window because it was easier on me if i did. i told my family about this and one of my older siblings remembers. my mom was clairvoyant about family.We have had dishes fly out of closed door cabinets from the middle of a stack of bowls. mom always told me to stop showing off, but i still do not think it was me. many times mom would not allow us to go to school. one time a sibling disobeyed and laughed at mom and told her she was a silly old woman. mom received a call at lunch time they were playing on steps at school and her child had three broken ribs and a broken arm. none of us or our friends would ever not obey her when she told us not to do something. i have never come forward because of ridicule and my family. i want to do this now because of medical conditions. my prayer is that people of earth will wake up to facts about our visitors. some have our best interest at heart and others are evil and want to use us for their own selfish ungodly reasons. we need to pray every day for our leaders to have wisdom when dealing with all of them. i know there is god the father and his son jesus christ. i know he created all the worlds hebrews 1:2 hebrews 11:3 by faith the worlds were created. as a believer i am his child adopted into his family. their is no doubt in my being about that.

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Credit: MUFON

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