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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Largo, Florida on 1970-01-01 00:00:00 - Huge - approximately size of several football feilds

We just arrived home from eating at morrisons cafeteria. this was january 1st, 1970. i still have the drawing i drew as a little girl. while my dad saw it too; he ordered everyone to run instead after we just suddenly descended from the sky. huge; glowing white with blue and amber lights flashing. the beam was radiant and brilliant white. but a voice inside my head told me to stay so i remained beside the house foundation and garage making observation. it kept projecting a double triangle with three circles and a line running through them. it was cold that night, however, the heat from the object hoovering; which it stayed put for approximately 3-4 minutes after "it danced" going up and down, swishing side by side in a lightning speed before hoovering and projecting a beam. then i saw what i thought was my friend, but it was only about 3 and half foot tall, had big black buggy looking eyes, was off-white in flesh color, naked; tiny nose and a slit in mouth. all he said through my brain which i learned years later from military, that was telepathic communications. that he would be back. i was unafraid; i tried to reach out to touch him but he disappeared in the beam of light. in the beginning was silence; after the beam retracted back into the triangle-like cylinder; it immediately zoomed towards the gulf of mexico in a flash. i had a cinderella watch my uncle gave me; that event caused the time to stop and the watch to completely quit working and i just got it as a christmas present. (timex, cinderella, wind-up). the time stuck on it was 8:11 pm. after it came and left, my dad told me "tell no one or the government would be all over you!" my dad recognized them as he was in us navy; he told me it was a ufo. this became strange because "i didn't tell anyone" but a few days later after school began; i was confronted by two usaf military personnel who wanted to speak with me. we had kept in touch throughout the years and yes, the ufo / star people had returned multiple times. if i must add, they are overdue and i'm somewhat expecting their return again. i will have to go up to the attic and pull those aged drawings down; since this is 2019 and the drawing i made was 1970. once contacted, i will provide the drawings and image of the person i had "communication" with. i still have a triangle mark on my right wrist from that event.

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Credit: MUFON

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