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Monday, February 4, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Rotherham. outside Sheffi, England on 1987-11-11 06:30:00 - Rotherham winter close up experience 30 mins plus.

My friend and i were teenagers living in rotherham opposite clifton park. we were up early that morning for a walk to get some fresh milk. we had just left our home which we shared with several other teenagers. for some reason i looked up above the roof of the house and above us to our rear at tree level was a hovering silver triangle craft with a single coloured light in each corner of the underside. it made no sound nor movement for a couple of minutes until it silently and rapidly ascended into the sky where i watched it engrossed. the friend i was with went back inside the house after five minutes. i walked away from the house, keeping a close eye on the ufo as it rose high and higher in the morning sky which was now getting lighter. i didn't take my eyes of the object which was now just a small unmoving shiny object in the distant sky. i starred at the object which now just looked like a distant morning star. i watched it for over half an hour and lost sight of it as the sun rose further and the sky got brighter. i was awe struck and did not speak for hours i do not remember going back into the house but know i must have, nor do i remember speaking to my friend about it afterwards. i have not seen my friend in over 30 years but would hope he would remember the same event, even though his version would be an abbreviated version of my own.

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Credit: MUFON

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