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Saturday, February 2, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Trussville, Alabama on 2014-03-07 19:56:00 - Initially appeared as moon partially hidden by lone, surreal-looking cloud in sky. descended as black orb with, stars and lightning bolts as its interior.

On or about march 7, 2014 at 7:45 pm, i arrived home from work. as i routinely do, i prepared to take my dog outside, removing her dog gate and cleaning up any mess she may have made. afterwards, she and i exited the front door. i took position on the walkway about 15 - 18 feet from the front door and then directed my dog to go potty. she knows to go the vacant lot on the area i keep mowed. in the meantime, i lit cigarette to enjoy a smoke. looking northwest at my dog and recognizing she was doing fine, i happened to look northeast down the street and noticed no activity (i.E., movement of cars, neighbors in yards, and/or children in the street playing). i then looked at the sky and noticed something that appeared weird to me. in the sky, i saw what looked like the moon. the sky was cloudless with the exception of the lone, surreal-looking cloud that the moon partially hid behind. also, the distance of the moon from my viewpoint appeared no more than 300 - 400 feet. the moon should have appeared much much larger. i turned to look at my dog and, after seeing all was well with her, then turned to look back at what i thought to be the moon. however, when i turned, the surreal-looking cloud and the moon were both gone. i then saw an orb descending to the middle of the street and at the very start of my lot. it did not have a moon-like appearance. it appeared to have a jet black interior and contained tiny stars and bolts of lightning moving about within it. i looked about to see if there was indication of someone who sees that i was now seeing. there was no one that i saw. the orb started moving down the street in a northwest direction, hovering about 8 - 10 feet above the ground. i was not afraid but rather felt a sense of calm and peacefulness. i believe that it saw me when i looked at it in the sky. it continued down the street with what appeared to have been bolts of lightning coming from underneath, as if it were looking for something. i became curious to know what it will do if and when a car drives down the street, but a car never came. i debated walking and standing on the curb just ahead of the island in my front yard. this would have allowed me to see it even more up close. i took two steps in that direction but suddenly decided against approaching the object from any angle. i concluded the object was not of this world and likely radioactive. so, i stepped back, resumed my position and continued to watch. the object was virtually silent, emitting a humming noise or more of hissing sound like a gas pilot light. as the object continued down the street and grew nearer to my dog. my dog was seemingly oblivious the object. she neither turned around nor barked at any time. the object, while still traveling in the middle of the street, came to the end of my lot (just about 15 - 20 feet from my dog in the adjacent lot) and started changing shape in mid-air. it seemingly took the shape of a missile or rocket while emitting what seemed like an odorless plume of smoke. my dog remained totally unresponsive, continuing to sniff about without acknowledging the object's presence. the object suddenly took off traveling further northwest at a phenomenal speed. it quickly dawned on me that i had my cell phone in my back pocket; however, before i could retrieve it, the object was like a distant star.

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Credit: MUFON

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