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Sunday, February 3, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Springfield, Ohio on 1974-06-01 00:00:00 - Small fleet observed flying in straight formation in pairs of two

It was 1974 the summer of my graduation. i don't know the exact date because it was so long ago. i was 17 and my date 16 years old. we were driving along the back side of a reservoir and i noticed two strange lights which i thought at the time were billboards lit up by a highway. little did i know at the time rt.40 was a distance away.We were on our first beer of an 8 pack of little kings which explains why we were in the country. driving a few miles past the lights i turned around thinking all along the lights were too high to be billboards. as we came to the intersection of grant rd and new moorefield rd the orange tinted lights went out and red blinking lights came on. i saw two objects going straight up and a third red blinking light very high above them. i noticed two more orange lights a few miles up grant rd and off to the right of the roadway not much more than treetop level. then we saw two more,two more,and two more.I do not know the total altogether. grant rd. changes names and goes through s turns surrounded by trees then dead ends into rt 40. it was in these turns that i thought i had lost them but when i came out of them i saw one pass over our highway patrol office. it moved from the straight line that they were traveling in which was south to a west direction traveling down rt 40 for about one mile and stopped behind the silver swan restaurant. it stopped in mid air over the parking lot a little higher than an oak tree which still stands today. it was the size of a 737 jet, had flood lights in twos on its underside,did not make noise,no wind,no instability, and it did not effect my car. i imagine if i were put under hypnosis i could tell you the shape of it because i did see it as it passed over the ohio state patrol building.I was awestruck by the image.As everything does,it did not come from china,it was not from our world.

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Credit: MUFON

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