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Monday, February 25, 2019

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UFO Sighting in El Paso, Texas on 2018-12-24 21:29:00 - Street light size study light with red filament small center like an elec. stove burner

Christmas eve driving home from family gathering in upper valley area el paso, tx on love road near el paso country club, 9:30pm weather clear & calm. 4to 6 of thes objects appeared in sky drifting slowly north above doniphan road at guessed altitude 1 to 3000’... stopped car (my wife witnessed this also) got out to observe & no sound. thought they were drones until approximately 10 to 15 more identical lights appeared. all were randomly spaced with no formations. the mexico 🇲🇽 border was approx 2/3 miles south & they all came from that direction heading 360 degrees. as all drifted north the last group formed a rough echelon formation. all drifted slowly north heading 360 into infinity. speed est. 10/15mph? there were other autos driving by with no interest? i was aa a former usaf fighter pilot & airline capt with 30,000+ hrs. this is no hoax! thank you... sorry i did not take photos.... rvh

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Credit: MUFON

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