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Monday, February 4, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Camden, New South Wales on 2019-02-02 23:11:00 - Abduction 2/2/19 - 5 entities aboard spacecraft

My name is mr mershol and the following event took place at 23:11pm on the 2nd of february 2019. during my regular saturday late night jaunt down mitchell street otherwise known as camden showground, the miraculous little historic town in sydney's south west i was in deep thought mesmerized by the constellations and wondering what tomorrow had in store for this sorry ol chap when i noticed a pulsating light in the north west corner of the constellation carina. believing it was a small airplane, and the fact that the light that had caught my attention was the size of surrounding stars the notion of running did not strike my fancy so i maintained a brisk strolling pace and carried on walking. once i rounded the path leading out of the showground a strange feeling of pins and needles consumed my entire body and i could not hear any of my surroundings and the night breeze which was previously pressing my face had ceased, which is when i realized my body was frozen in the air. i rolled my eyeballs around furiously to catch any sight of the cause and noticed that my feet were not in contact with the pavement. without any control my eyeballs rolled up and into the back of my head, i could see the innards of my sockets and immediately got an erection. i woke on a table inside of a green lit room and suddenly my whole body was relaxed. the lights turned to a fluorescent white colour and 5 pale grey human entities roughly 4 and a half foot tall approached the bed. one said to another "good he already has an erection now none of us have to jerk him off" the other four entities smiled and nodded in agreement. the biggest of the five climbed onto the table i was strapped to and began to straddle my lifeless yet erect lower body. it leaned over and looked deep into my eyes and whispered "dont worry child you've done this before and you never remember in the morning" i thought the alien was going to perform some sort of sexual act or experiment on me however it did not. rather it removed all of my limbs and rearranged them onto my body. when they had completed their experiment i was released into a small room with a childrens' jungle gym and asked to perform aeronautical performances using my newly repositioned appendages. (i had an arm attached to the middle of my back, both legs attached where my arms were supposed to be, and my second arm was attached upside down on the front of my torso). all five aliens agreed while watching my performance that this final experiment was conclusive evidence that the human race would be far more superior if they genetically modified mankind to represent the form i resembled on that spaceship. i was then sedated and the smaller alien said "sleep child you wont remember this in the morning" and when i woke up in bed that morning i didnt remember a thing... except my fucking arms and legs are still in the same place the aliens put them! it took me 45 hours of intense hypno and hydro therapy to discover that the reason i had an arm on my back, legs for arms and an arm on my stomach was because of aliens.

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Credit: MUFON

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