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Thursday, February 28, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Lexington, Kentucky on 1993-06-01 00:00:00 - Teardrop, or triangle with dome craft. hovering just above me and my friend nevia, in 1993

summer 1993 it was the summer when i was to turn 11 years old. my best friend at the time was neva was my best friend. her family was from india, her dad working as a visiting professor at the university of kentucky. we had been playing hide and go seek in her house. it is played a little different in india then here. there is no safe base instead the seeker will try to find the hider and it’s the hiders’ job to scare the seeker. we were playing loud until we were sent outside to play. sidewalk chalk has been a favorite of mine since i can remember. as we sat there drawing and talking a shadow came over us. there were no trees in the area so it seemed odd. we looked at each other and then looked up. what we saw has been imbedded in my mind for years. above us was a teardrop shaped object it made no sound, the bottom was silver a little reflective and smooth. at one point it appeared to ripple, like when you drop a rock into a puddle. confused we just stood there for what seemed like forever. fear took over at this point and we both started screaming. blood curdling screams, which brought her parents running out. the aircraft took off, shot up into the air and down university ave. towards limestone. we were pointing; we could still see it as it flew over uk campus. but her parents didn’t see anything. it even stopped for a moment above a building like it was stopping and watching what her parents were doing. it seemed to rotate and then shoot off again. at this point we were screaming and trying to explain what we had just witnessed. but it fell on deaf ears, told that we shouldn’t be screaming and lying about what is happening. i was promptly sent home. i think i screamed “mom” all the way back home. when i made it to the house she came out running and i tried to tell her what had happened. my mom however, told me the one story everyone knows; it was probably just a balloon of some sort. i remember thinking no way. i didn’t even know what a ufo was so explaining it was not easy. days later my mom spoke with neva’s parents who insisted that we had made it up and it was scaring neva so much that she was having nightmares. i wouldn’t be allowed to play with her anymore because of this situation. i continued to speak about this to my mom, so much so that she changed her story. the new explanation was; the university was probably testing something that flew up and startled us. i didn’t really accept that answer either; i started having nightmares about blimps chasing me and fires in my neighbor’s yard. this was also the first time i experienced sleep paralysis. my mom decided to take me to a doctor about all of these things occurring. i was sent to have a sleep study and to speak with a therapist. the therapist at the woodland group did hypnosis on me. that was done by sound and light. he put headphones on me and music would go from left to right just as the light i was told to watch went left to right at the same speed. during this session i was told to touch pressure points on my face when i would get scared. it seemed to work after that because every time i got scared i just touched my face and would feel better. i still have episodes of sleep paralysis but i don’t have the fear that i once had. this happened and it is so real, i hope someone can understand. i really don't know how to explain the realness of what happened to me.

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Credit: MUFON

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