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Thursday, February 28, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Chestnut Ridge, New York on 2018-07-31 00:00:00 - Sm round lights go into an upside down stadium- like object w. lights shoots off

I was outside my house in rural ny on my deck in the backyard at about midnightish. i was thinking to myself how cool it would be to be a military soldier on another planet, mars specifically. i'm sitting on a wooden rocking chair and i see what seems to be the streetlight through an 1/8th mile of wooded area and across the street. the light grew much brighter than anything i could identify, then it came from where it was into my backyard woods area, semi thick wooded area with many trees, wildlife etc. i thought it was a drone and then the light split into for lights and started hover/ flying in geometric patterns about 10ft-50ft off the ground. this went on for about 1-2 minutes and i remember thinking if i go and get my phone or cam they will leave. the lights are white ate this point and i thought this was the coolest drone on the market with sub drones that shoot out from it. i thought it was on a pre-programmed flight organized by a genius. the 4-6 softball to basketball sized orb lights go from geometrical patterns to what looks like completely independent flight paths. for about 30 secs. then the lights started to move in a pattern like it was unfolding a super flexible stairway, the lights began to be a reddish orange, starting to act like runway lights blinking from top light down to bottom 1/2 sec between blinks. i believe at this point i lost time because i went from standing on the northern most edge of my deck looking north and then the next thing i remember is sitting back on the chair where i was originally sitting on my deck facing north west. i got up out of the chair and couldn't help the lights over me. i look up and see what i can only describe as yankee stadium flipped upside down directly over my head maybe 300-500 ft in the air. there were hundreds of lights of all sizes and shapes, mostly round and uniform. it had to be a few miles long. it covered my entire view of the sky for about 1-2 min. the whole ordeal took about 10 min all together. i felt no fear and only a sense of wonder and curiosity. i have nothing but a million questions concerning every aspect of what i witnesses. psychologically meh from it. think about it constantly. then i had another sighting a week later of a much shorter duration and a very negative vibration.

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Credit: MUFON

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