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Thursday, February 21, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Simsbury, Connecticut on 2019-01-13 18:30:00 - Drove practically under a low -flying, very slow-moving/hovering black triangle.

About 6:30 pm, jan 13, 2019, i was driving south on e weatogue st. in simsbury. it was a clear night. i saw a white/cream-colored light through the treetops ahead. my first thought was that the light was from a helicopter because they often fly low. a few minutes further down the road, it became apparent that the light wasn't from a helicopter. i was reminded, instead, of one of those black triangular government planes because i saw a small red light on one "wing" and a small blue light on the other "wing." the white light i saw previously seemed to be larger and on the front. i thought it'd be pretty cool if it was a "government plane" and didn't give it much more thought. however, as i approached rt. 185 and the two or three houses before the intersection maybe a minute later, i then realized that the "plane" must have moved extremely slowly, if at all. then i started to question whether i was seeing anything ordinary. planes don't not move. i ended up driving practically under the object. it was suspended in the air over one of the houses and there were power lines between me and it. the sky was still light enough to make out its triangular shape, but the most peculiar thing was the presence of three round, bright white lights centered in a triangle on the bottom of the thing. they didn't light anything up on the ground like spotlights, though, but they were pure white, so i assume they were bright. also out of the ordinary was how low it seemed to be suspended for an aircraft. level with the treetops. i turned onto 185, then left before the bridge (nod rd.) to continue driving south. i knew i'd seen something that wasn't normal, but i became completely convinced when, upon looking back from nod rd., i could still see the white "helicopter light" in the same spot through the treetops. that indicated to me that the object definitely wasn't moving. while driving, i also determined that the object must have only been the size of 3 or 4 cars put together because of its relative size to the house and its position at the treeline. it may have been bigger, but that's what i thought at the time. i continued driving and lost sight of the object. i'm convinced i saw this same object, and another, about a month later (feb 20) about 9 miles south of this sighting on the same stretch of road. i'm filing another report for feb 20.

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Credit: MUFON

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