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Monday, February 18, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Bremerton, Washington on 2019-02-18 02:15:00 - Heard a deep hum, went outside. object flew over my house. went above water and vanished.

I live in a quiet neighborhood in washington state, near the puget sound (if this matters). it was 2:15 am, i decided to open up my window and get some fresh air, and when i did i heard a low-pitch humming noise. normally my street is fairly quiet by this time of night, so i decided to head out onto my deck to see if someone was driving a scooter or something down the street. i looked out off my deck but didn't see anything, but the sound began to get louder. i looked up and saw it, heading right towards me. it didn't look like a helicopter (i couldn't see any propeller, and it was quieter than the helicopters that usually fly towards the hospital). there were 5 lights in total, 2 red and 3 white. the red ones were blinking but not at the same time, almost alternating. the white ones were blinking on and off in unison. the object was about the size of a u-haul, it was made out of a steel-looking metal, it was not shiny but some light reflected off of it. when it flew overhead i got a look at the bottom, it was a rectangular shape with the front 2 corners looking like they were cut off. there was a moving disk in the center of the bottom, just spinning. it passed over the house and began to fly farther towards the water, when it was seemingly over the water its lights went out and it seemingly vanished. when i first saw it i was shocked, once it had disapeared i was very afraid, i went inside and stayed away from all windows.

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Credit: MUFON

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