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Friday, February 22, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Wayne, Michigan on 2017-08-18 14:21:00 - Was so huge ! and so far up there...Amazing. very metallic, shiny. like 1950,s

Well i was at work, factory....On break. michigan ave, in wayne mi. having a cigarette. by myself..., sitting down. nice sunny afternoon ! but cloudy out. blue sky’s.... i look up a lot...It basically caught my eye !!! it was right over my head, like straight up, 90 degrees maybe...I have told people, it was so high up there !! ‘ ever look up and see a plane way up there, it looks small.... well this was gigantic.... size of a silver dollar !!!’ just massive. eventually lost it in clouds. disappeared !!!! it definitely held my attention. of course no sound. nothing else out of ordinary....I didn’t think it was anything that i know!!! i’m 42, been around. seen many planes. usual stuff. i’ve seen blimps, helicopters, jets. some military stuff...Balloons too. i have never ever seen something like this!!!!! i work also at airport part time... so am familiar with our crafts , planes y’a know...I just remember that darn size !! and how silver shiny it was!!!!! felt like wow. weird. kinda of cool tho... i wasn’t scared....I’ve often thought was military... maybe!?!!!??! oh i don’t even think i seen all of it..!!!!Just partially... was kinda round looking , like old school ufo!!! metallic very shiny!!! that shape like classic ufo y’a know. i mean straight out of 1950’s movie !!!!! lol. oh i have been lucky enuff to see some very cool météorites at nite.... far amd close... where it was super bright... blue/green ones. it wasn’t anything like that... plus it was daytime !!!! it just was so huge!!! and out of ordinary

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Credit: MUFON

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