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Monday, February 18, 2019

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UFO Sighting in San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi on 2006-12-31 00:00:00 - While observing orbs in the sky one descended then appeared on a wall right in front of us.

at the time i was living in san luis potosi, i was taking spanish lessons and after the class i invited the teacher to come outside to see some orbs in the sky with i had seen earlier. we went outside and sat on the patio stairs. looking up there was many of these orbs in the sky moving around like fish in a tank they were like playing with each other. then one came from the west travelling east, i pointed it out to linney, the teacher, as it was lower and brighter, larger than the rest. as i pointed to it directly over head and said , look at that big one, as if it heard me, it suddenly turned into a dive, leaving a trail of sparks, smoke, and flames like a meteor. it coming down very close, it might of been making noise, i am not sure, but i was expecting to see an explosion. it came down about two blocks away where there was a military base and a grave yard. there is walls all around were we are sitting so we could not see exactly were it impacted, there seemed to be a glow coming from that direction . for a moment we are waiting for something to happen , like explosions ,sirens, something but nothing total silence. then as i looked up again, there it was right in front of me on the top of the wall. it scared me so bad i flung back from a sitting positioning smashed my head on the concrete. still looking at it tears were squirting out of my eyes . linney did not see it at first ,she was looking at me and i had just bashed my head on the ground, then she looked at it then looked back me and said who then hell are you. then she ran inside. it stayed perched on top of the wall. it was six feet tall and eight feet wing tip to wing tip ,torso as thick as a man . it was made of something that looked like brass, it was glowing hot nearly molten some areas were like blackened, it looked old, like it had done many reentries. the shape was like the classic ghost with outstretched wings and no legs or feet, no neck. it had two eyes large like an owl, the whole thing is made of the same thing, it did not bend, no joints. there was a kind of radiation ,heat, sound, vibration, not comfortable. the eyes were fixed but it seemed to be looking at me. it felt like it was there for me, as if i called it down from where it was or what it was doing. like it was patrolling? it stayed for about sixty seconds. it then leaned forward and passed over me within eight feet emiting a hum/vibration disappearing over the roof travelling north. still laying on the concrete lynee comes out of the door with a paper and pencil in her hand helps me up to sitting position hands me the paper pad and pencil and tells me to draw it. i drew an outline on the paper she then produced a piece of paper she had drawn on the figures were exactly the same. it was no hallucination. how she had the presence of mind to do that at the time i don't know. she didn't seem to have been scared of this thing she wanted to know what my relationship with it was.That makes me think do i have a relationship with this being. i have researched this and the closest thing i can find is the depiction of the assyrian god ahura mazda. its been along time since the incident thinking at some time i would find out what it was . i hope someone there can help me.

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Credit: MUFON

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