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Monday, February 18, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Social Circle, Georgia on 2019-01-13 00:00:00 - Found orbs in my photos of chem trails and the sun screens they employed

Photographing chemtrails over a week period. started noticing these orbs in my photos investigating the trails as well. clean images of reflective orb in motion. took series of three photos a second or two apart. orb is distant in first, then closer and very obvious and clear. then gone. i have several different photo sets like this showing this orb or orbs shooting in and out of the chemtrail blankets. they were especially thick these days. i have been seeing a steady flow of high altitude ufos in about two week intervals here. i work at home and work late into the nights. i sit in my hot tub late at night before bed. almost as if they come with the moon cycles. chasing jump points around as the earth and moon rotates. i have no clue honestly. just educated guesses from lots of research and personal experiences. they appear to be stars. but then you notice they’re moving across the sky and out of the fixed stars. that’s how i know they’re not illusions. they appear as though riding on some kind of magnetic or gravity waves. as they don’t smoothly move around. almost as a paddle boat rowing across a small lake. i have a powerful green laser i have used to point them out to people. i have good eyes when it comes to spotting them trying to be sneaky up there. they will dim out to barely visible sometimes when i spot them with the laser. i only whine it in front or behind them, never directly at them. they do clearly react to it. i’ve had them power up and get really bright and then dim back. had them stop all the sudden and stay still like a star until you give up. had them literally portal out while following them with my laser. had one stop and e up and down as i moved the laser closer as if saying “hey stop that!” once i turned it off it continued on its way. i’ve witnessed several portal into our skies apparently from a corner on the big dipper. with a witness with me who was a skeptic. one ported into my view out of no where. i got excited and told him to look fast. which he did and caught it powering up brighter than i have ever seem one before. then back down and on its slow way across the sky towards florida. it appeared to have 3-4 small orbs flying around it fast in circles in all directions. was very strange. then a second ported in directly behind him and went the other direction by itself. then a third popped out of the same area in the big dipper and south towards florida. i see these things myself here all the time now that i’m looking. which is why i started photographing everything. you never know what will be caught in your photo until you look closer. very interesting to me as this subject is something i studied for decades.

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Credit: MUFON

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