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Sunday, February 17, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Edmonton, Alberta on 2018-12-18 10:20:00 - "hamburger" shaped, not seen with naked eye but felt and seen through camera lense.

I have been taking pictures of ufo's from my flights and saw things prior to the pictures i have submitted, but they were too tiny for anything observational. the next 2 pictures were different. i could "feel" the craft but was not seeing anything with my eyes. i am an intuitive so that is not a weird sensation for me to feel something near but not necessarily see it right away. i held my cell phone camera to the window and then caught it immediately through my cell phone screen. in my mind, i said "aha!! i caught you!!" and the second one started to dissolve immediately, less than 5 second later nothing could be seen. we were at cruising altitude of 41,000 ft, edmonton to victoria , still over alberta only about 5 minutes out due west (take-ff slowed by de-icing prior to the flight) my camera makes object appear smaller, these were definitely larger objects though distant from my perspective on a jet. i definitely know they were much much larger than the craft i was flying on. or any craft that we can fly on. the only physical sensation i had was the sense of knowing something was "there", feeling that strongly enough to hold my camera up to see what might be there. i respond to that feeling now more frequently if i am able to get a photo, the sensation is strong for me and i have long quit doubting myself. my reaction was delight - i see things frequently, but usually fast inter-dimensionals and watch them fly in and out of dimensions - this differed due to being large objects, their size and unusual shape, something i had never personally seen before. i was excited to get confirmation to that sense of "i know something is there." i did not speak aloud obviously on a crowded flight as i suspect my fellow passengers find it odd that i photograph so much out of the windows, haha! i have submitted the 3 consecutive photos , all taken within second showing both objects, one dissolving and then both gone- these photos were literally within seconds of each other as quick as my camera would allow me to photo them. i know that whatever it was, it was sensitive to telepathy as it was unseen by my physical eyes but responsive immediately to my reactions. photos are raw images as taken by my cell phone, an iphone 7.

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Credit: MUFON

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