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Saturday, February 16, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Newtown, Pennsylvania on 2019-02-15 01:25:00 - Bright dart shaped obj. flew east from west sky @ extreme rate of speed (3000k mph)under cloud cover, brightly illuminated by moon light

At 1:25am while outside my house on a balcony, i looked upwards towards the western sky and observed an extremely bright glowing white object traveling east after making a very slight directional turn from the north at an incredible speed. the object very large, approximately 80-100 feet in length. it was very pointed in the front (like the point of an arrow or dart) and grew larger into a reversed teardrop shape, leaving a jagged streak of light behind it. i only witnessed this object for about half of a second because of it's incredible high speed and it went behind an 80 ft. tall sequoia tree that is in my backyard, which blocked my line of sight. i used the tree as a reference for size, and the distance that the object covered was basically from the warrington area towards newtown before i lost sight of it. this all happened within half of a second! i can not give an approximate speed but it did not make any sound, nor leave any vapor/chemtrail. it also did not leave any mark in the sky showing any disruption to the air. i am a retired cop of 25 years, and i was an army scout for 12 years (combat veteran) and i have seen countless types of planes, rockets and missiles fired in training & live in combat operations while deployed in oif 4,5 & 6. i have never seen anything like this before and/or with this type of capability. i know firsthand it was not a rocket or missile due to it flying over a major metro area such as this, and the fact it made absolutely no sound. it also did not make or leave the air disturbed by any shock wave or leave a condensation/vapor cloud behind it, which often happens when planes go supersonic by you? seven minutes later i again took notice that 2 planes (unknown if helo/jets/prop powered) showed up far out in the distance and traveled in a slow circle pattern for about 2-3 minutes in the exact area where the object was spotted,then left the area flying back to the n,nw. i could only see their red beacons, no white strobe's flashing i assume due to their close proximity to each other? the encounter left me dumbfounded on what it could have possibly been. sure hope this thing is "one of ours?"

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Credit: MUFON

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