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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Felida, Washington on 2017-08-05 03:00:00 - Silent large wedge shaped object past directly above tree tops with blinking red lights on rear i fallowed in car, took pictures

At about 2:45-3:00 a.M. august 5th, i was returning home from a friends house. i was heading down n.W. 119th st in felida, (a suburb of clark county washington). driving my car just past felida elementary school (the school past on the left hand side of the road). driving about 25 mph. i was the only car on the road, i had my windows down, i noticed a red flashing light at the tops of the trees on the right side of the road in-front of me about 25 yards, as i stepped on the break i spotted the wedge shaped craft clearing the tree tops on the right and moving across my path (119th st) to the left across the road. it was absolutely silent, dark in color and wedge shaped about the size of a house, with three deep red colored lights in the rear of the wedge. it was moving unnaturally and slowly, (10-15 mph). it cleared the trees on my left side, i accelerated and drove about 2 blocks to a clearing on my left-side where i pulled my car over, and exited my vehicle. grabbing my phone and proceeded to take several pictures of the ship. the object was now an unknown distance away but still visible now with four red lights on the rear, it moved not in a straight line, the elevation was very inconsistent almost erratic. i lost sight of the object as it moved out of range of sight. during this sighting i never felt threatened or afraid. it was as if i had been waiting my entire life to see this.

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Credit: MUFON

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