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Friday, February 1, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Salem, Illinois on 2019-02-01 21:28:00 - Looked up seen a object flying e to w very fast. no lights. no sounds. it appeared to be a dark craft. im almost positive the only reason i seen it is because the towns light reflected off the bottom of it.

I pulled into my driveway. got out and looked up to the sky, specifically looking towards orion and pleades star system. there was a plane in between the two. i stood for a moment looking as i always do but started to realize how cold it was so i started walking to my porch to go inside my house. as i looked away i noticed a fast "brown" looking object flying at an insane speed flying over me towards and over the town of salem. it was so strange to me as it seemed like it was almost not even there. it's so hard to explain. if that makes sense.. as i think about it more i feel like the orange street lights of the town was the only reason i seen it. looked very dim. it did not emit its own light. heck possibly black in color. it was triangle in shape as far as im concerned. though it was going so fast i can not be sure. i immediately came inside and got on my computer to contact you guys.

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Credit: MUFON

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