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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Phoenix, Arizona on 2007-02-22 00:00:00 - Lights were steady intensity not over baring

I am an airline transport pilot and have been flying for 52 years. i'm also a usaf veteran and former physiological training instructor and trained in observation of aircraft and in flight atmospheric phenomena. i was stationed at cannon afb, nm from 1968 to 1972 (active) and have many flying hours logged at night over this part of the country. i have observed over the years many phenomena even in-flight fairly close meteor sightings at night. on the night of 22 feb 2007 we were flying a lear 31a from addison, tx (ads) to palm springs, ca (psp) at fl470 when we observed what was first thought to be a flight of four aircraft behind a tanker over the phoenix area. at the time we were just about over el paso. it was a clear night and at that altitude visibility was unlimited. we could see tucson and phoenix both very clearly. we then realized that we were too far to be observing aircraft at that distance. not thinking much about it we continued and were taking engine perimeters for a flight into tucson later that evening for maintenance. as we drew closer to phoenix they continued to be very bright. there were five lights total and they changed formation slightly as time went on. i then realized that they were within the luke afb (moa), the top of the moa is fl450, and as we looked down on them we could see the ground lights beneath these lights, they were about the size of a baseball. at that point they went out one at a time and after a few minutes reappeared and then out. we continued and after about five minutes or so i noticed that two had reappeared again off the left side of the aircraft and slightly below and then went out. we estimated that they were approximately at fl200 which was about 27,000 feet below our altitude as we flew over them however when the two objects reappeared off the left side of the aircraft they were much closer, about the size of a grapefruit. they were bright but not blinding. when we returned from psp later that evening to tuc they were gone. thinking back we were both so mesmerized by these lights neither one of us even thought to go for a camera which was in my flight bag in the back of the aircraft. we never perceived any thought of a threat during the entire event. we continued flight normally and there was never any mention of the lights by any other aircraft or by atc itself and we did not report the sighting as you can imagine. i am certain that we were not the only crew to observe these lights. i have a saying about lights in the sky at night and that is that they are only lights in the sky at night! i very carefully observed this sighting and took notes to it's account. to this day i feel blessed to have observed whatever it was at such a close range without incident and to be able to pass on the information to an organization that might have an interest. i no longer fly professionally, only as a part-time fill-in pilot for a small corporation. that is why i'm sharing this information at this time. my personal opinion of this event is that it must have been military in nature. remember that it did take place within the luke moa and i think that is key. as a trained observer i have always tried to be rational in my observations and not jump to any conclusion or allow imagination to take control. that was one of the most interesting events that i have ever observed and the only one that i have not been able to completely explain to this day.

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Credit: MUFON

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