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Thursday, February 7, 2019

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UFO Sighting in San Antonio, Texas on 1996-05-31 03:00:00 - I was taken beside a major highway out side a fully nude strip club when i regain consciousness a insect type alien was in front of my face

I was taken outside a fully nude strip club in san antonio texas the year was 1996 i was in my 20s im 44 now when i regain consciousness i seen a giant insect type alien in front of me it was brown with big black oval shaped eyes that wrapped its head with character marks in the middle of his four head and around its face i was paralyzed could not even move my eyeballs it puts its big black eyes in front of mine when it did this i could hear a motherly voice in my head it was comforting me telling me i was going to be ok simultaneously it was in my head reviewing my life like a dvr going through my head super fast i believe looking back it was taking memories i believe i remember what i remember because me being drunk maybe caused a glitch but i only remember when i first opened my eyes and it was in my head it was entertained by part of my life i could feel humor in it ..We never forget anything thing .. memories i thought were long forgot in my head were all there i can see it seeing my life in my own minds eye i wasn’t alone there were more humans with me it was going down the line doing the same things to others i could see not very clearly but through my side vision there were other humans beside of me on each side we were in a dim lighted area when it moves to the next human i was able to see down a hallway that was directly in front of me i seen more aliens that looked different then the priya mantis type alien that was in front of me a tall silver alien skin was like a silver spoon very tall long legs skinny long arms skinny small waist skinny long neck small cone shaped head small eyes no penis or butt crack was visible behind it was a troll type alien very short knee high blackish brown skin face stuck out like a dog the only one i seen wearing clothes like we do it was wearing a white coat carrying something in its hand looked like a book but i believe it was technology like similar to what we have now ipad i’m sure much more advanced but all this is just guessing...But it was carrying something...Looking back i remember talking to the stripper and she seem different to other strippers that i’ve talk to before anyways this is just guessing but i believe i was tagged like an animal then when i exit the strip club when it closed i was taken i woke up on the second floor of the hotel i was staying in a room that was not mine ... i don’t remember how i got there i was fully clothed and the crew that i was with was on the other side of the hotel they were searching for me almost ready to leave without me we were paddling furniture out of north carolina where i’m from i heard on some alien shows as i got older they like humans with green eyes i have green eyes.....The picture it what i found on the internet that looks like what entered my mind can’t find the tall silver people or the troll that’s face stuck out like a dog...

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Credit: MUFON

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