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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Cleona, Pennsylvania on 1988-05-21 23:30:00 - My room mate and i had just gotten on highway, route 422 to go home. there is an embankment to the left which is heavily wooded.

my friend and room mate kathy and i were going home about 11:30 pm after leaving friends of ours for the night. we passed hacc, which is a local community college, if you drive straight past it, you will end up on 422. kathy was driving, and i was just looking at the woods at the top of the embankment. i saw bright lights coming the woods. i said to my friend, i wonder what that is? she just shrugged and said i don't know. i said pull over which she did. we got out of the car and climbed the embankment to get to the forested area. when we got up there, there was a clearance amid the trees. there was a ufo about four feet off the ground. it was totally silent. it wasn't huge, possibly a scout craft. it looked like it was hermetically sealed. my friend was totally petrified and barely said a word. i was mesmerized. it had red and white running lights around the middle, or widest part of it. i was half expecting something to open and a being come out, but it didn't happen. i walked right up to it. i reached out my arm to touch it, but pulled back before making contact.We stood there for about half an hour. i was chatting away, but kathy only gave one word answers to my chattiness. i said to her, "this is other worldly". she said, yeah. back then there were no cell phones. i said to her, "do you think we should call the air force or something"? she said, i don't know in a trance like fashion. one of us would have to stay while the other looked for a pay phone. finally i just blurted out, "nah, they'll just tell us we can't talk about it. we have no recollection of being taken, but just a few years ago, i had an astral dream,(not my first), but i was taken to a space ship. there was a male working on something. he had his back to me. there was someone standing behind me to my left asking if i wanted to kiss this being. i said no!I believe we were telepathically communicating. the being he asked if i wanted to kiss was naked and he had rusty red colored hair down to his ankles. i know he was naked because every now and then as he moved, i could see his buttocks. once again whoever was standing behind me asked the same question. finally i said alright, as i was thinking i could leave if i did. he either telepathically told this being i was going to do it, or the being heard it. he turned around and acknowledged me by tipping his head and giving me a half smile. he went to a small room situated to the right, and lay down on a shelf bed. i went in and sat on the edge of it. his eyes were closed. i wasn't sure how much feeling i could put into the kiss. i finally bent down and kissed him. it was actually quite pleasant. next thing i know, i was in another room with a child. she looked to be about three to four years old. she kept looking at me and i at her. i felt no connection to her. she had my coloring. i am not asian as my name would indicate, my husband is. i have olive skin and brown hair and eyes. the child did as well. after that, i was back in my bed. the being i kissed had green eyes, and was not light or dark. he had a larger jaw than human men, but other than that, he could have passed as human except for the strange colored hair. i got the feeling that he was a hybrid.

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Credit: MUFON

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