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Saturday, February 2, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Panamint Springs, California on 2019-01-30 11:30:00 - Southbound panamint valley road. object(s) appeared in field of view in level flight, banked turn to left, heading change from wsw to s. then disappeared.

Driving propane delivery truck southbound on the panamint valley road on the western flank of death valley, about 8 miles south of panamint springs. a pair of disc shaped objects or a barbell shaped object suddenly appeared in my field of view and remained visible for about five seconds then disappeared abruptly. because this area is well known for very close encounters with various military aircraft (sometimes less than 100 feet), i thought that i was looking at the twin engine exhaust of a fighter jet in afterburner at very close range. it quickly became apparent that this was no conventional aircraft as there was no structure or appendages visible. what i saw were two disc shaped objects in formation or one barbell shaped object in what appeared to be a banked turn to the left. the discs were perfectly circular and two dimensional, each emitted a dull white hot glow with a solid silver metallic ring around its outer edge. the object(s) maintained level flight in a banked turn from south southwest to the south, about 500 feet agl about a mile distant. i do not think the object(s) are of extraterrestrial origin, as it displayed conventional flight characteristics. i suspect the craft employs technology rendering it invisible in the visible light spectrum. the craft entered the valley from the east briefly became visible as it turned to the south. possibly towards the navy’s electronic combat range 52 miles due south. this area is a hot bed for aerial activity, it is in the center of it all. please note the following distances. 44 miles nne naws china lake 75 miles wnw goldstone deep space tracking station 96 miles wsw creech afb 98 miles nne edwards afb 109 miles sw groom lake 127 miles nellis afb 144 miles lemoore nas 227 miles s fallon nas

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Credit: MUFON

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