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Monday, February 11, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Bristol, Maine on 1994-09-20 18:00:00 - 3 witnesses, ufo follows a mother and children for 30-40 mins, follows them home

Driving home from grocery shopping and picking my sister up at a basketball practice a ufo starts to follow us as soon a we went past rt 129, going south down rt.130 we notice the object was right above us mimicking our every move. we stopped 3 different time before we got to our house and each time the object stopped right above us at the same time we would stop. we probably waited 3-5 mins each time we stopped and other cars would go by and didn’t even seem to notice anything.. my mother scared at this point decided to get home hoping it would just leave us alone but it didn’t. it followed us down our side rd that we lived on and it followed us right into the driveway. still mimicking our vehicles every move and staying the same distance away from us it just hovered there as my mother was too scared to let us out of the car she decided to back out of the driveway and the object again mimicked the cars every move and back out with us and then followed us to south side rd. where my grandparents lived at the time. when we got close to the ocean the object broke off and flew east and we lost sight of it. this happened over 20 years ago and i can still remember it like it was yesterday. i was 4 years old, i’m 30 now. not many people can remember something from that long ago but i will never forget that night and neither will my sister or mother. thank you

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Credit: MUFON

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