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Monday, February 4, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Coburg, Oregon on 2019-01-28 21:30:00 - I was hearing a voice inside my head, and began communicating on my cell phone turned off, then followed the (female) voice down to the end of the street where i live, and communicated with seemingly invisible entity. had problems sleeping for over a week

No/ happenned a second time, and had left what appeared to be a smoke screen (moisture), and filled the air with a musty orange smelling substance after booms had been heard in the background for several days. aseveral entities had been heard by me in my bedroom. it kept sayin things like piece of shit, and referenced rape, murder and extermination of the human race. it terrified everybody including my self in the city of coburg where i live. it seemed to have a hive mind, and i had been projecting my inner thought through my own brain, and had been threatened with intimidation following the incident by ai entities. had also threatened enslavement of the human race. it sounded like extremely evil robotics, and kept me up all night. i am hearing something right now who had threatened me using the fbi as its excuse to try to arrest me under the suspicion of meth use, and is trying to get me to leave my house to do life in prison, and they want our planet to themselves. said that in had blown up most of the world with nuclear warfare, and i had subsequently joined what was called the inter-galactic alliance of the u.S. airfareat lane county mental health where i was being treated for psychosis and was prescribed new medicine for my mental illness schizophrenia. it had been tampering with electronics inside my house, and around town. it uses sonar and/or radio frequencies to try to search my house and bug everything on the inside. all of the following had led to this moment where i am writing to try to put an end to all of this. i am being affected by sonar right now as i sit here and type. it has become increasingly threatening as time goes by. it seems i have been bugged with some sort of ai chip. i am trying to get this all figured out as there seems to be no real solution to end all of this.

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Credit: MUFON

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