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Saturday, February 9, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Orlando, Florida on 2019-02-08 17:48:00 - Me an my daughter were at the pool in the back of my house suddenly we saw a military dark helicopter flying suddenly i look over my house and saw this brigjt lights and a dark shape so when inside grab my binoculars and thats when we saw it. neighbor saw

Well was a regular friday after school. me and my daughters decide to go to the pool and have some fun time after more than an hour we saw this dark military helicopter flying in derection of the orlando airport normally you dont see military air presence on our area. then i look back tonthe opposite side of the helicopter i saw this bright lights and a dark metal shape. there was many airplanes on the sky at that time and that was also one of thecreason i was looking on the sky because of the amount of airplanes at that time. i live close to an airport and normally we see airplanes coming in and out all the time but this time was veey unusual. this light whick looks like 3 turbines and dark metal object was very visible very close but not to see details was there changing positions for around a period of 10 min then move to the top of the electric towers that are behind my house. then went back to the same spot was before thats when i ran inside my house and grab my binoculars and what we saw got us speechless. i've seen many bright lights on my area almost everyday and i saw an round orange aluminum ball when i was on an airpkane traveling to hawaii once but this time what we saw was totally different. was same size or bigger than a delta or southwest plane. the shape was lime a lolipop but with a hole in the middle and the structure was a very solid dark gray black metallic with some type of windows or something. grab my phone and called my neighbor and he came out grab my binoculars and he saw it 2. i always believe in things and ufos because ive seen many things before but this time was very different and kind of scary because this object was so big than even when started to move slowly towards disney area far away in distance from my house you can steel see the dark shape of this unexplained object. me, my daughters and my neighbor stand there talking about it for an hour. while this object was moving away from us slowly another or same military helicopter pass by the top of my house behind the object but also keeping distance of this object. thats right away tells me that what we saw was something of interest for the military. this is the first time that i've seen this type of shape in an object. i draw a sketch of what we saw and i hope somebody else have seen it also. thx

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Credit: MUFON

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