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Saturday, February 9, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Summerville, South Carolina on 1997-06-15 00:00:00 - Observed what appeared to be perfect equalateral triangle directly above while star watching. however, no stars correlated. got wife. watched for about 25 minutes then it went from stationary to a rapid velocity in a second.

It was a very mild evening and i had just got through watching the x-files with my wife (it was friday night). i went outside and put a blanket down in the bed of my pickup so that i could star gaze and think. i had made it a goal to try to learn the constellations so i was becoming aware of what was normal and what wasn't. i noticed directly above me a perfect equilateral triangle which appeared to me as stars. they appeared exactly like stars. they did not move, not at all. they were totally motionless. i went into the house and got my wife. i said to come out here and look at this with me. she came out and laid back on the blanket with me and we both observed the triangle for about 25 minutes. and, this is where it got bizarre. while both of us were observing the triangle, which from my estimation must have been huge, it went from motionless to a very tremendous velocity within a second. it headed directly south over charleston, south carolina. we were shocked! what we both thought were stars that maybe we were to "green" to know what constellation that they belonged with became an actual intelligently controlled massive object which had to have been either near the outside of our stratosphere or in lower space orbit. the reason that i say this is that i had observed multiple low orbit satellites as a ham radio operator and a member of the armed forces. this appeared exactly as the strength of light that the satellite gives off as it reflects the suns light at the brightest point . we talked about this sighting for years. i have always star watched and enjoyed picking out the polar satellites which would go over and become visible right after sun down or a little bit later. i also viewed the international space station going over heading north up the east coast just recently,just last year. the reason that i have finally decided to write this down is that i have come to the conclusion that what we saw was the same thing or directly related to the "phoenix lights". at the time of the sighting, i was in the military and watched about 2 hours of t.V. per week (too busy, always busy). and, i watched almost no news. it wasn't until recently that i watched a show about the phoenix lights which occurred in 1997. also, i watched another show about the "tinley park" lights of 2004 which i have to say were "exactly" what we observed over charleston, south carolina in 1997 just hovering at an extreme altitude. i served as an intelligence officer in the armed forces and had been trained to be especially observant and to get every detail when doing my job. i know what i saw. either this was a terrestrial military aircraft of extreme technological ability of which we are unaware of its existence such as a very large tr-3b or it was not of this earth or dimension. i still think about this sighting over 20 years later. last year, laying out in the grass looking up at the clouds (it was partly cloudy about 2 in the afternoon) i was shocked to see moving from behind a cloud to where it was clear, a triangle craft with bright luminous lights moving to the south-south east. these lights had to be extremely bright because it was in the middle of the day. shockingly, if i had not been exactly looking up at that exact moment, i would have not seen this triangle which was very large, at high altitude and moving fast, very fast. i estimate that it was around 40,000 feet due to a "747 size" military jet which crossed right over its path. this occurred in 2018. both times i observed these craft was by accident. if i had not been looking up exactly at the time that i did, i would never have seen the triangle objects. i felt that i needed to share these events of seeing triangle craft once at 11 pm 22 years ago and the other at 2 pm just last year in the spring. thank you for opportunity to share my observations with others.

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Credit: MUFON

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