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Saturday, February 23, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Tromsø, Troms on 2019-02-20 20:28:00 - Blinding pulsating lights in vally lighting up the complete mountain on and off fo 30 second to a minute each time observed for 15 minutes

We are an aurora chaseing group based in tromsø northern norway. we watch the skies everynight from 530 to aprox 3am every night for the last 8 years. while waiting for the magnetic field to weaken and open around earth so that we could view the aurora borialis, we observed blinding lights coming from the moutains looking south to south west,from mestervik norway first thought was theres a plane crash the brightest light i had ever observed was pulsating in and out getting brighter and brighter as we watch lasting for aprox 30 seconds to one minute, then completely disappears and shows the normal moutain as it looks any other night , see images . so very quickly we ruled out a plane crash as the light apeared again same again pulsating until it looked as if it exploded then nothing once again. then we started to grab our camera gear and hopfully catch what was happening . we took many of the images with ipone and canon 5 d mark 3 and nikon 850 both with wide angle lenses , the shots where anything from 1 second to 3 second exposure. this went on for aprox 15 mins on and off. we shot images from 3 different places . untill we aventally moved out of site of the moutains in question as we had a deadline to keep. there was no way it was the moon light as this was behind us to the east and nearly full in a cloudless sky. there was no way it was snow mobiles as these lights spead for miles along the moutains way to power full for any thing i know of. there was no roads in this area and no planes helicopters or any other form of light . have alook at these images see what you think shame i never thought of making a video but as i say first the reaction was to report a plane crash ,but when the lights just stooped then the plane crash was rulled out immediately. on some occations while observing the lights prism type horizontally coloured light could be seen for a fraction of a second inside the almost blinding light on the moutain top. in all the time of aurora hunting these lights did not make sense. firstly if this was a military exercise the light in the area was too blinding for any one at the site to have survived its was blinding and was seen to be lighting up the compleat moutain . so this rules out any human activity on this moutain at the time of viewing.. a bright light almost like a star could be seen moving dancin hovering pulsating in and around the centre of the orb type light . i have enclosed some images where no lights could be seen then where the lights where so bright that they just disappeared like someone flicking a switch. they where on then they where off lasting 30'sec to one minute with one to two minutes in between.

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Credit: MUFON

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