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Sunday, February 3, 2019

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Alien Encounter in Cincinnati, Ohio on 2002-05-05 03:04:00 - This is my first abduction dream when i was a kid. woke up in a bright white room with a other kids around me. only thing i remember is being handed a small cup of black liquid. just the first of multiple i've had,.

Went to sleep one night when i was around 12, and can't forget that dream, or if it was a dream. all a sudden i'm sitting on the ground in a all bright white room with a couple other kids around me. handed a cup of black liquid and told to drink it, but not verbally, just like i was supposed to. just the first i've had, others for more extreme over time. scared the shit out of me for years. 2nd abduction, i was pinned against a wall in a bright white room again. almost like trying to hide themselves from being seen too much. my chest was opened up, and a needle inserted into me bottom left abdomen, i remember the pressure feeling but no pain. 3rd. had a nice dream having intercourse with some random women, then all a sudden everything spazzed out and it was just a glass dome i was interacting with. probably just a weird dream but idk. ibes spotted uf0s over time since i was a kid just like they are watch me. any info you can give me about these type of situations would amazing, maybe i am crazy or not, i don't know anymore..

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Credit: MUFON

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