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Monday, February 18, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Woodside, New York on 2014-08-22 20:26:00 - I was walking over from my moms house to a friends house a few blocks away - and i saw a bright purple glow in the sky that was hovering. i started to record it. i called me mom to go outside from her house to look at it and she saw it a few blocks away.

I left my parents home around 8:23pm to go to a friends house a few blocks away. this was in woodside, queens. as i was walking, i saw an odd purple glow of light hovering in the sky. i kept walking and it started moving. i stopped a block away form my parents house and started video recording the glow. the glow was quiet and did not make any noises. it was a consistent glow and it was moving right to left, up and down. i was very confused about what it could be. i called my mom to come out of her house to look up. she also came out and saw it from her house. i kept walking to my friends house and recorded some more. you can see it was higher than trees, high in the sky, but it was low enough to see it clearly with the naked eye and record it. i thought it could be a blimp, but a blimp does not move like that. and then maybe a thought it was a drone - but it had such a bright and circular glow, that i don't think a drone can be seen like that glow. as i was arriving to my friends house (approximately 4 blocks away), it disappeared. my mom didn't see it anymore either. i told everyone in the house to come out to look at it - but it was gone.

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Credit: MUFON

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