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Thursday, February 14, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Dallesport, Washington on 2017-04-02 00:00:00 - I had heard a couple slight noises, like air being pushed, and immediately fell into a trance like state where i was reminiscing about family. i look back over my shoulder very quickly. i saw a golden glowing gold orb that was shining brighter than the su

I was enjoying a bright sunny spring day, in an area not frequented by people. i was enjoying a small waterfall and sitting down in a bowl shaped hill, hidden from a nearby road. i heard 2 small short sounds that i noted were different that the other sounds i had been enjoying. like whoosh-whoosh, displaced air. then i suddenly started reminiscing about my family and getting caught up in emotions surrounding good times. this was odd because i was currently not talking to my family, and held no such rosy feelings for them. something inside me broke through and said "look behind you very fast" like an animalistic response. i looked over my left shoulder and saw a glowing golden orb, perhaps a little bigger that a grapefruit. it had a transparent shield or covering that was reflecting the very green grass of the hills around me. i observed it travel over the horizon. i saw it for perhaps 4 seconds. i immediately tried to rationalize it saying "well that was done of course" but something in me said "no. that was not like any drone i'd ever seen" i assumed it had been surprised i was there, not expecting to encounter a human, and used telepathy to induce a dream-like state of mind in me to avoid detection. i am a person who you cannot hypnotize or fool. i'm very analytical and aware. i had consciously decided i was open to the idea of ufo's a couple months prior. it had previously been a thing i was afraid of,and was addressing long held fears. the experience was very peaceful overall. i was not afraid at all. i came back the next day to see if i could see another one. it has changed the way i see our world and universe.

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Credit: MUFON

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